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ok so I had a dream about season 6 of RuPaul’s drag race last night…

It was after the runway and they were calling up the names of those who won and were safe, and Laganja was announced first (meaning she won), and it ended up with Bianca and Josyln in the bottom, and I remember that I was like (in this dream) “How the fuck is that possible? That is not what’s suppose to happen!” and I think that would be the same reaction I would have awake.


Because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.



I loved this scene so much. The actors play off this pairing as flirty and adorable in a way the characters really weren’t in the novels IMO. 

That said, when she said the line, “Girls see more blood than boys,” my husband was all confused and like, “What, warrior women, she means?”

So I just looked at him and started listing off, “Blood from their periods every month, maybe blood from sex, blood from childbirth, blood from tending and washing the wounded and dead…That’s been true for most of womankind all through history.”

And he got very, very quiet.

I’ve reblogged this before, but I’m reblogging again for the commentary because this little exchange is like a wink to the female audience that I really loved and I guarantee you that any woman who saw this would know exactly what she means. There are a pretty big chunk of men in the world who don’t think that “women’s work” or women’s bodies are worth knowing about. Also I think find it really amusing when he tries to pass off his ignorance with, “you’re different, you’re not like other women” and she immediately shuts that down.

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4.02 White Out — Press Release


“White Out” – While desperately trying to find her sister Anna, Elsa is startled by Emma and accidentally traps them both inside an ice cave, with the frozen temperature placing Emma’s life in peril. Regina, depressed over her likely breakup with Robin Hood, secludes herself away from the town and…

Bo Peep? A brutal warlord? Lol.


This is a joke right? Bo Peep: Brutal Warlord

"I’m here to take your god damn farm, David. No more fun and games, you hand over the goods or you’ll feel the wrath of my sheep’s wagging tail!".

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▷ My thoughts on “A tale of two sisters” from OUAT

Spoilers ahead

Read More

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Rumplestiltskin’s different personas
(Rumplestiltskin/The Dark One/Mr. Gold/Goldstiltskin/Ressurected!Dark One/Rumple-Neal?)

Panorama of Stockholm (click on the picture)
Panorama of Stockholm (click on the picture)

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Dead or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)



And you wonder why he gets pissed

this is frightening



And you wonder why he gets pissed

this is frightening

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Thank you, Mr. Gol- Rumplestiltskin, for believing us. I know that time travel is hard to swallow. Not as hard as the other mystery you’ve presented me.

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American Boy (Feat. Kanye West) | Estelle


American Boy (feat. Kanye West) - Estelle

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Don’t worry, we’ll watch Henry when he gets back from the store. Actually… I’m not sure that’s the best idea. What? What is it? Well, you guys are tired. You need to rest. I’m pregnant, I’m not sick with the flu.



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